Lean by Design 12 is a bespoke nutrition guide to achieve fat loss seamlessly, using the foods that you prefer as well as taking into account your fitness and lifestyle habits.  Nutrition accounts for 80% of your fat loss results and with the right support, you will be able to lose inches off your waist, trim, tone & lost weight effortlessly. 

What Will You Receive with Your Plan? 

  • Initial questionnaire to uncover your current dietary and lifestyle habits, any ailments, as well as your preferred foods so I can ensure the plan will seamlessly fit with your lifestyle & your goals! 
  • 12 week guide optimised to help you eat optimally to lose fat, fire up your metabolism, and transform your body.  
  • 3 cycles within the 12 week plan to efficiently recomposition your body. 
  • Food Swap List of your preferred protein, carbohydrates, and fats broken down into the correct portions for you so you can construct your own meals with the foods that you love! 
  • Any holisitic supplementation guide based on ailments you may have. 
  • Weekly email support throughout your 12 weeks. 

Platform:  Online - this service can be done world wide.