Hi there and welcome to lean by Design! 

I'm Maya, lover of nourishing foods, lifting weights, and most importantly a BIG advocate for coaching individuals in finding a way of fuelling themselves to thrive to be their best!

What is my approach?

Having graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and fusing a more holistic approach to wellness by also becoming a Certified Health Coach, I like to mix and match the skills and knowledge in my toolbox to coach you to understand how we were designed to fuel.  Everybody is different and this is what I learned over the years of working with clients and seeing how much an individual would thrive under different dietary conditions.  My plans are all bespoke to you, allowing you to transition into a healthier eating habits smoothly to ensure consistency and results!  

I keep things very simple and real by always incorporating these key factors to help you:

  1. Eating Real Food - going back to basics and eating whole foods, foods with nutrients that have been sourced from nature.
  2. Eat based on Activity - Food is fuel and when consuming the right foods at the right time, you can maximise your fat loss to its fullest!
  3. Timing -  Eating certain foods at different times of the day make a very big impact on fat loss and our hormonal health.  
  4. Fuss-Free - Yes, there are times when you cannot cook and bring your food to work.  What I will help you is to show you how to make mindful choices so you know what to pick and choose as well as avoid to continue your fat loss progress even if you are dining out!